domingo, 24 de julho de 2011


have to because i want to

i am feeling a bit quiet as of late. it’s like i am hiding away from what i know i am going to miss terribly. i am afraid to see the people i’ve fallen in love with in this city, knowing a goodbye comes soon. so many beautiful, creative, inspiring people that i have been surrounded by this year. but i know my heart. my heart is constantly seeking a new land to conquer. i must continue pushing forward in order to find my home. my home within myself. i have to learn to adapt. i have to see myself in all different lights, hold myself to all sorts of standards. i have to learn a new home, a new way of life, a new route, a new self. i have to keep shedding all my skin until i am able to see my own two palms, facing up & open, holding all of the pieces of my little life that i’ve decided to keep. i want experience. i want moments and movement in my heart. i want peace within myself. i want to know i can always explore a new land. my life can be many lives. this is the time of my freedom. and i want it.

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